Variety Hour

I wrote this Essentials piece on the 2013 CONduit: The Dark Guilds of CONduit for City Weekly.

I wrote this Health Status Update on the Environmental Determinants of Physical Activity and Obesity while working at the Utah Department of Health’s Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Program.

Here I am in The Salt Lake Tribune for Wear Pants to Church Day. My picture also made The New York Times, The Daily Mail, and The Standard ExaminerFun fact: I tailored those pants myself. The sewing skills I learned for my Young Women’s Medallion are to thank for these slacks being such a “fashionable” feminist statement. They used to be flared.

Here’s a pic of me and some other Mormon Allies marching in the Twin Cities Pride Parade. The blog it’s on belongs to friend of mine who marched, and it’s well worth reading.

I have contributed to about a million indicators on Utah’s Indicator-based Information System for Public Health (IBIS-PH). First, I worked on quite a bit when I was with the Environmental Epidemiology Program. Now I work on IBIS-PH for the Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Program.

I wrote this report, Childhood Overweight in Utah, 2012, while working for the Utah Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Program (There’s not officially an Oxford comma in the program’s name, so I am only allowed to put it in when I’m not writing for them officially. Like right now. I love that comma. I love it so much. It’s an itch I constantly want to scratch.)

I spent two years processing and quality controlling data for the School Attendance Boundaries Information System when I worked at the  Minnesota Population Center’s Spatial Analysis Core.

I put in a boat load of time working on the publication Utah’s Children and the Environment when I worked with the Environmental Epidemiology Program at the Utah Department of Health.

Here’s a paper in The Journal of Medical Toxicology about pesticide and agricultural chemical exposure that I provided the data analysis for and co-authored with Louise Saw and Perri Ruckart.

Here’s an abstract for a presentation Lucy Cosgrove, Marie Wilson, and I presented at the Interdisciplinary Perspective on International Development Student Speaker Conference.

Here’s a post Lucy Cosgrove and I wrote about our research in the Dominican Republic.

Here’s a short post Lucy Cosgrove, Marie Wilson, and I wrote during our public health field experience with the Batey Relief Alliance.

I have an approximately six second spot at the beginning of the first video on the site for the documentary, The Real Life Singles Ward.

Here I am in a little alumni feature on the BYU Health Science website. While I was at BYU, I created this blog for the BYU Public Health program. It’s been improved quite a lot since I was there, BUT I believe the blurb About BYU Public Health is still pretty much the same as I wrote it.

I was a Kennedy Scholar for International Relations at BYU. Scholastic. That’s just how I roll.

This isn’t anything I wrote. In fact it’s just my name listed under an award I won. But I’m so proud of its existence on the web because it’s a testament to the power of fake tears. Once I recited the poem Prière d’un petit enfant nègre, by Guy Tirolien, at a BYU foreign language fair. It’s a poem about desperation, and I knew that I could win if I employed tears. The secret to crying on command is to stop blinking a minute or two in advance, then blink a lot and dab at your eyes (you can poke them to cause tears at this point) while sniffling. I won the grand prix. I did a few other talks that won awards but can’t find the links for them. One was about potatoes (actually, that might not have won anything, but I had great visual displays) and another one was about a time I was on a bicycle built for two with my cousin Christi, and a man ran by in billowy short-shorts decorated with pics of the sun and moon (this one won the prize for petits discours at Weber State but unfortunately had no visuals). My French class also once sang this song, and we may have won something.


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