Julia Learns to Swim! – July and August

Mid-July, I started taking Saturday morning swimming classes at Foss Swim School in Woodbury. We went swimming all the time growing up, but I somehow never learned to do anything but dog paddle and frog swim (which I am told grownups call the “breaststroke,” but I still can’t say that name without giggling).

But, I recently came up with a goal to be a triathlete, and this required me to learn to swim like the pros. I looked into several rec centers in the area, but then I remembered that my roommate runs a swim school! Anyway, I’ve been taking swimming classes for about 6 weeks now, and I am proud to say that I no longer have to stop to cough up water halfway across the pool (on account of you can’t hold your nose and do any grownup strokes at the same time)!


High Maintenance Dentistry – July 13

Generally, I wouldn’t consider a trip to the dentist noteworthy. Usually I do the exact opposite of taking note of the visits and suppress the trauma to the nether regions of my brain. BUT! I thought this last trip to the dentist was worth mentioning because I came away having paid $16 for prescription toothpaste, and I don’t regret it a bit!

I doled out the big bucks without even seeing this chart because I'll hand my money to anyone with a degree!

I’m high maintenance when it comes to my teeth. I only use Crest Glide dental floss (Try it, and you’ll never go back.), I wear a top and bottom retainer from years of orthodontics, I sleep with a dental guard, and I use Crest Pro Health mouthwash (Which is so strong that when I I briefly used it morning and night, and I stopped being able to taste. This is true. It took a few days of abstinence before sensation returned to my taste buds. Now I just use it once a day.). My mom gave me teeth whitening trays for my high school graduation gift.

ALSO, I learned that one of the best ways to prevent gum recession is to brush your teeth up and down instead of side to side. I should have known. After all, that’s how Hawkeye Pierce (my first love) always brushed his teeth. This is specifically featured in one episode, which I believe is this one, but I couldn’t find a video or script to verify.