I have discovered a fun new game. You take the word “Shumway” and you splice it into other words. My family and I have played a crude form of the game for years, telling each other to “Shum up” or “Shum it up, you.”

Here are some fun ones:

  • Shumday Bloody Shumday
  • Shumcle Buck
  • Shumrock (for St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Shumdog Millionaire (ok, Levi came up with that)
  • Shumpelstiltskin
  • Crime and Shumishment
  • Shumwhere over the rainbow
  • Here comes the Shum
  • Good Day Shumshine
  • Shumse and Shumsibility (not the best, but you knew what I was talking about!)
  • Fort Shumter
  • The Shum will come out tomorrow (no she won’t)
  • Shum and Shummer
  • Shumpty Dumpty
  • Shumdon Bridge is falling down
  • Shumby (that was supposed to be Gumby. I hated him, and this pun is not good. bummer. Or should I say “Shummer”. No. Don’t use my name as a negative interjection.)
  • Shummer. (That’s an army-style car.)
  • Shum’s the word
  • Get thee to a Shummery!
  • Band on the Shum
  • Shum away Ralph
  • Forrest Shump
  • Shum of a gun
  • Shum of Sam
  • Shumdiddlyumptious
  • 500 Days of Shummer

So many more! Also, you can just kind of put Shum in front of anything and it sounds cool. I used to call my room the “Shum-Lair.” That was fun!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy trying your hand at ShumPun! All the kids are doing it!


3 thoughts on “ShumPun

  1. Looks like Shumone was having Shum fun! Your house should be the Shum House or something like that…or your car the Shum-mobile! Would your life Bucket List (if you have one) be called the Shumbucket?

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