Pizza Luce (July 29) vs. Punch Pizza (August 20)

I’d heard loads of hype about Pizza Luce and Punch Pizza, particularly the latter. So I was excited to give them both a try. Here’s my review of each:

Pizza Luce is formal by pizza standards. The wait staff are super attentive and friendly. The menu is easy to navigate, which I only mention because I appreciated the vegetarian section. Anyway, we went with the baked potato pizza. Delicious! The crust on these things are my idea of perfection: thin (but substantial) in the middle with a veritable bread stick of an exterior crust.

Also, potatoes and pizza should happen more frequently. So many healthy carbohydrates in one place. No tomato sauce, in this case, which I initially was sad when I realized. But once I took a bite I realized it was so much better this way (that really probably would have been weird, in retrospect). And the leftovers were still in a perfect state the next day. Luce pizzas are durable!

Punch Pizza is informal. You order at the register, the pizza isn’t done quite at McDonald’s speed, but… definitely at Apollo Burger speed… (Err, I don’t know what the corollary in Minnesota. But, you know, a slightly up-scale burger chain.), and then you pick up your order at the counter. Everyone told me that these pizzas were like the kind they make in Italy. Thin crust, thin application of cheese, delicious toppings. All of this true was true, but with a few clarifications. The toppings did come in many delicious varieties, and they make it very easy for you to order custom combinations: I was very  happy with my choice of egg plant, mushroom, and onion.

 They departed from the Italian stuff, though, in that  (good) Italian pizzarias’ crusts aren’t charred on the outside and verging on soggy on the inside. I do love a good thin crust pizza, but these were serious flaws in my mind. Flaws that I would still be willing to eat on a regular basis, but still. Also, as you might imagine from my crust description, while the leftovers were definitely worth eating, they had depreciated quite a bit from the previous day’s production.

In conclusion, I’d say they’re both definitely worth eating. Punch Pizza is speedier and more convenient. And if you’re a sucker for char broiled pizza, you’ll love it. Pizza Luce, though, would be my pick if you’ve got an hour to sit down for some delicious food. Oh, and if you’re ever in the mood to eat at home, Punch Pizza has carry-out, and Pizza Luce delivers (Another critical win!).


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