The Wienery – July 26

I took the missionaries out to eat at the Wienery, and it was delicious!   The place is like a broom cupboard and has no air conditioning and very little seating, but the service was great. Super attentive, and super accommodating. Which was especially nice when it turned out they only take cash, and I had no cash. This was right after my debit card expired, and the new one was mailed to my mom’s house (which I still had as my permanent address), and I was living on my credit card which I don’t know the PIN to because I’ve never needed to, so I couldn’t use an ATM. Sigh. I was finally able to pay them back a week later (after somebody reimbursed me for something  in cash), and they didn’t make me do dishes or leave collateral or anything in the meantime!

Also, as far as food goes, they  have really great cheese fries, regular fries, and a zillion different kinds of hot dogs most of you have never even dreamed of (I, on the other hand, do almost nothing but dream of new hot dog varieties. I found their selection adequate.). Best veggie dog I’ve ever had.


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