Julia Learns to Swim! – July and August

Mid-July, I started taking Saturday morning swimming classes at Foss Swim School in Woodbury. We went swimming all the time growing up, but I somehow never learned to do anything but dog paddle and frog swim (which I am told grownups call the “breaststroke,” but I still can’t say that name without giggling).

But, I recently came up with a goal to be a triathlete, and this required me to learn to swim like the pros. I looked into several rec centers in the area, but then I remembered that my roommate runs a swim school! Anyway, I’ve been taking swimming classes for about 6 weeks now, and I am proud to say that I no longer have to stop to cough up water halfway across the pool (on account of you can’t hold your nose and do any grownup strokes at the same time)!


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