High Maintenance Dentistry – July 13

Generally, I wouldn’t consider a trip to the dentist noteworthy. Usually I do the exact opposite of taking note of the visits and suppress the trauma to the nether regions of my brain. BUT! I thought this last trip to the dentist was worth mentioning because I came away having paid $16 for prescription toothpaste, and I don’t regret it a bit!

I doled out the big bucks without even seeing this chart because I'll hand my money to anyone with a degree!

I’m high maintenance when it comes to my teeth. I only use Crest Glide dental floss (Try it, and you’ll never go back.), I wear a top and bottom retainer from years of orthodontics, I sleep with a dental guard, and I use Crest Pro Health mouthwash (Which is so strong that when I I briefly used it morning and night, and I stopped being able to taste. This is true. It took a few days of abstinence before sensation returned to my taste buds. Now I just use it once a day.). My mom gave me teeth whitening trays for my high school graduation gift.

ALSO, I learned that one of the best ways to prevent gum recession is to brush your teeth up and down instead of side to side. I should have known. After all, that’s how Hawkeye Pierce (my first love) always brushed his teeth. This is specifically featured in one episode, which I believe is this one, but I couldn’t find a video or script to verify.


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