Fort Snelling State Park, Crosby Lake Regional Park, and Mendota – July

Fort Snelling

I love exploring and getting lost on my road bike.  But I’ve discovered, since moving to Minnesota, that “lost” is a relative term, and I’ve experienced a lot more of it than I had probably ever in my entire life prior to coming here. On the Utah grid, it is certainly possible to get lost when you’re trying to find some specific place you’ve never been before, but you always basically know where you are based on the mountains, lake, and, well, grid. Minnesota, though, is flat, and even in the places where there is a grid, a river or lake (but not always the same lake – that’s where it gets tricky) might prevent your getting where you want to go.



Scenic Crosby Lake Regional Park

Getting lost in Minnesota is generally very scenic, and I’d definitely recommend it if you have a few hours to spare. My favorite place to get lost this Summer has been Fort Snelling State Park. The park is most awesomely known for its fort, which I didn’t even know existed until I rode my bike past it. So lovely, if just a bit out of the way. On my way back, I usually take a wrong turn over the 55 bridge (instead of over the 7th street bridge) over to Mendota and enjoy the scenic Sibley Memorial Highway and Crosby Lake Regional Park. So aesthetically appealing!


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