Super 8 – July 4

Check out how adorable these kids look in a life-threatening situation!

Rarely, if ever, have I seen a movie that I would describe as both super scary and super adorable. Now’s my chance! This movie was full of super cute kids and super freaky science fiction. I loved it!

Those little kid actors are going places. I would have had a huge crush on all the little boys, but especially Joel Courtney if I’d seen the movie when I was 13. I was really impressed with hiis performance and with little Elle Fanning. Those Fanning girls are winners.

Everyone delivered their lines fantastically. Which sounds like it should always happen, but we all know it doesn’t. Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, and Gabrial Basso, and Zach Mills cracked me up.

And hey! There’s Kyle Chandler of Early Edition, which you probably never watched but my family did quite faithfully! It was like Quantum Leap but with a fortune-telling newspaper instead of a time machine.

Also, all the scary parts were scary and even once you saw what you were afraid of, it was still scary. No lame revelation that what we’ve been afraid of the whole time is actually just a scaly person that ‘s allergic to water or bad computer graphics. This movie was scary. And Shumways are jumpy people. But since we were all together, it was at least half way through the movie before I realized we were the only ones screaming.

So, there you have it. I’d say Super 8 is worth a watch.


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