Sex Hotel! May 26

Julia and Lucy outside the fancy wall around the Hotel Don Juan.

We accidentally stayed at a sex hotel. Don Juan was the city closest to the Batey Relief Alliance Clinic (BRA), in the region of Monte Plata, Batey Cinco Casas. It was like 4 kilometers or something. A very nice fellow from BRA drove us out to the Hotel Don Juan, and from the outside, it looked really nice.

Make yourself at home!

As we went in, it started to look sketchier and sketchier. Packages of lube were strewn about outside, and within each room, there were condoms on the towels. Also, the bed only had one sheet – no covering. And there was a mirror behind the bed, and to the side of the bed, and above the bed. Also there was a little snack-sized door right next to the bed. Ostensibly for room service, though I don’t know how you’d call room service.

Everything's funner when viewed from multiple angles!

Also, the bathroom didn’ t have a door. Oh, and the air conditioner made horrible sounds during the night and leaked.

Lovely view of Don Juan.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We went back to town and ate lunch in a room off some lady’s house. The view was quite lovely, and the food (rice and soupy meat) was really delicious.

Then we went to the city of Monte Plata and found a nicer place to move to the next day. Then we came back to Don Juan. Our cook had shut down, so we bought bananas and crackers at some convenience stores, went back to the hotel – where there was no electricity, ate a romantic dinner by the light of head lamps, and turned in at 7:30. We hoped to sleep this place away as quickly as possible.

Room service, anyone?

Gourmet dinner by headlamp.

Oh, we also were not willing to sleep on the bed. Ugh, that horrible, nasty bed. We sanitized spots on the floor and couch and slept there. Probably not much better, but at least they gave us a psychological edge. So many voices during the night, so much water leaking out of the air conditioner during the night. We all woke up around 11:30 and were so, so upset to find we still had more than 7 hours before the first gua gua (bus) would pass by to take us to Monte Plata. But, finally, the night passed, and we said farewell to the the Hotel Don Juan forever.


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