Las Terrenas – May 28-29

View of ocean from gua gua.

We spent our first Dominican weekend in lovely Las Terrenas on the peninsula of Samana. We got there via gua gua, which is basically a 15 passenger van that someone donated to the kidney foundatin, it got compacted, and then someone decided it was worth salvaging, pulled from the wreckage, and reconstructed with duct tape and plastic bags.

Our delightful, tiki-style hotel

And then filled with chickens. And 25 people. We took several to get there. Actually, the main part of the road we were in a nice-ish tour bus.  But not the part where we drove down a mountain and into Las Terrenas, that was in a crazy van that went at a moderate pace down a mountain – a mountain gua guas have fallen off of, onto houses, before.

Beautiful beach at Las Terrenas, just across the road from our hotel.

We spent our time there walking the beach, eating really delicious smoothies and other fruit juice, reading, and otherwise living in the lap of tropical luxury.

Oh, the ride from there also involved moto concho (motorcycle taxi). The day before three of us had been aback one and survived, so, we were pretty much up for anything at this point.


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