Kurdish Food and Live Music – July 9

I highly recommend Babani’s Kurdish Restuarant in St. Paul. We got some Kurdish bread as an appetizer. It’s basically like a loaf of French bread, but the crust was a bit lighter and flakier, and the inside was a bit moister but slightly less fluffy. A definite win, in my mind. For dinner, I got the biryani which is a rice dish stuffed with all kinds of delicious surprises: raisins, potatoes, peas, noodles, carrots, and spices. Fabulous. I’d definitely get it again.

I also guzzled some Kurdish lemonade which some say tastes heavenly. I beg to differ. It’s amber in color because it’s made from dried lemons and honey, which both sound pretty good, but the result tastes like lemon Kool-Aid with a cup of extra sugar. Per glass. Also, I’ve never had dried lemon, but I do wonder what are the flavor benefits of drying out the lemon before grinding it into juice (it is pretty thick and pulpy, which actually was quite nice). Perhaps that accounted for the slight limey taste (Or perhaps not, I’m no gastronomist, after all.), which also sounds amazing, but just wasn’t quite. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it. It was decent and certainly worth the try. But Kurdish lemonade comes in fairly low in my unwritten lemonade rankings.

And to finish off my opinions of Babini’s, the location is superb, parking was no trouble at all, and the service was spectacular. Recommended!

After Babani’s! we went to a free concert at Vic’s. I’ve been Googling and Googling, and I can’t figure out who it was that played. They were quite good, though. I’m proud to say that we were some of the first dancers on the floor, and it wasn’t long before the place was really hopping. Here are some pictures of the unknown band. Sorry I can’t give them a promo. Here’s a picture of them performing.


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