Independence Day

Independence Day was very nice. After taking the train back to NYC, we got some food at the Shake Shack. There’s something you need to understand about Shumways, and it is this: We love food. I was in college before I learned to consistently stop eating before making myself sick. “Full” is a relative term, and when there’s good food around, a Shumway will stretch the limits of satiation and belly elasticity. So, we each got a sandwich, and then an extra hot dog to share, and then several orders of fries, and diet cokes, and two shakes. It was America’s birthday, after all! Overeating of the highest degree was requisite!

Then we saw the movie Super 8 which will be its own post.

On our way back to buy chocolate and cookies at some chocolate and cookie boutique, we stopped to watch a trombone band performing under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Whenever I’m walking on cobblestones, I feel like I’m back in time. A group of some 10 men playing jazz trombone in matching white suits made me feel even more like I was in the Roaring 20’s. So that was a nice little anachronism.

Then, we went home and threw some shish kabobs on the barbeque, and enjoyed a lovely evening on my sis’s balcony.

The fireworks were blasted from six barges on Hudson River, which was totally unfair – allegedly they switch between the Hudson and Manhattan rivers every year, except they didn’t switch this time. Luckily, we could see them quite well going off on the other side of Manhattan Island, and when they were too low to see over the buildings, we just glanced in at the TV (which was in perfect view and was playing the music that was synced up with the display). So posh.

Afterward, Greg read the Declaration of Independence aloud, in what I assume is his best lawyer voice, and Charity played patriotic songs on her mouth trumpet (i.e., buzzed her lips into her hand, which she held conic like a loudspeaker).

All in all it was a gorgeous day, and I’d definitely sock it to any Englishman who got in the way of my having more like it. Patriotism!


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