Hello Santo Domingo! May 24 – 26

I landed in Santo Domingo like a million hours before Marie and Lucy, my fellow public health students and roommates. Their flight got delayed on the runway because some passenger was being “rowdy.” The cybercafe was down, so I plugged my phone in behind an ATM to charge it, then sat at a table in the 3×3 area that had WiFi in the airport and used the internet to figure out what was up.

Bed sheets at the Maison Gautreaux. This place was medieval-style fancy.

When they landed a car took us to the fancy Maison Gautreaux. We weren’t sure what we could eat, so we ended up not eating some really beautiful fresh cut fruit. But, I did get some guitar playing in, so I was happy.

When we went into the Batey Relief Alliance office the next day, the very obliging office assistant, Jason, took us shopping and helped us get cell phones. He spoke really fantastic English, which he learned from watching Glee!


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