Governor’s Island – July 2

Saturday morning, July 2, I flew from Santo Domingo to New York City to visit my sis and brother-in-law, Chibby and Greg. My bro Levi was also visiting. We went to Governor’s Island which is in the middle of the Upper New York Bay. It used to be a fort in the Revolutionary War, and it was a US army post from then until 1966. Then it was a Coast Guard installation until 1996, when they had to pull out all troops because it was haunted.

Now, during the summer day times, high society crowds (Chib and Greg) can go out there and watch chintzy polo matches, and the middle and lower classes can rent tandem bikes and jump on bounce houses and the like. No one has ever stayed on the island at night and lived. In the winter, hobos occasionally ferry their way across the bay and try to find warmth in the barracks. They know this from surveillance cameras, but no remains have ever been found. Spooky, right? I know.


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