Caves of Cabarete – July 1

Caves are so super cool. Bats, no bats, butlers, no butlers. While I’d choose a cave tricked out with a bat suit plus butler plus hot car when given the choice, when not given the choice, I’ll take any old cave, every time. I signed up to tour the Caves of Cabarete through these guys, but when I showed up the tour guide was still in bed. Turned out I was the only person who’d signed up for the tour. This was fine by me because it meant I could pick and choose what we saw and pick up the pace (I chose to speed through the parts where he showed me a “real Dominican village” – took me right through some guy’s house, which made me feel far more like a oblivious, dehumanizing, American tourist than I usually do.) so I could make it back to Sosua to catch our bus back to Santo Domingo. It also was fine by my tour guide because it meant he could say creepy  things and touch my face without any awkward interference. Everyone’s a winner!

The caves, though, the caves! The caveswere so incredibly awesome. He didn’t have a flash light, only candles (which he stopped and bought on our way there). I had my head lamp, though, which I was happy about. So, he swam across the cave and lit candles all about so it was well lit. Then we jumped in and swam. You can’t see it in the picture, but there were little tiny off-shoot caves that he couldn’t fit into but I crawled in (after he told me he was pretty, pretty sure there were no squids or other death monsters in them). This pool was so deep, too.

We then went to another cave where there were bats circling all about. I am sort of frightened by bats because they’re the number one cause of rabies in Utah, but I faced my fear and also lived my Batman fantasy. This was a lifetime high point. Unfortunately, my phone camera isn’t fancy enough to take very high quality cave pictures. But please enjoy the best I could do.


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