Sosua, scuba diving, barefoot beach running, beach lounging, and general luxury – June 28-July 1

If you’re ever in the Dominican, I’d suggest you spend some time in Sosua. It’s super duper touristy, i.e., nice. In the Dominican beach towns, there are tons of Europeans who decided they wanted to live the high life and moved here to start hotels, recreation shops, and restaurants. I ate some really delicious stew my first night in Sosua, thanks to a very nice German fellow. The beaches here were just lovely, so I took several low-quality photos of them with my phone.

These first two photos are of the beach where I relaxed and read the first day we were there.

The next photos are of the beach where I read that same night, watched the sunset and then went barefoot running and then lounged about reading the next morning. Oh, we also ate ice cream and went on a very peaceful moonlight walk on this beach.

Also, a little ways up on this same beach, I went scuba diving with these guys, which was very cool. Except that the sand on the way down the beach was blazing hot to the point that I thought I was going to blister. Marie’s feet were even sore from it hours later (mine were not, which I was both surprised and happy about). ALSO, this beach had some really steep, multi-flight, cement stairs you had to go down to get to it, and they were under construction, i.e., a death trap. There were no railings, only 25 ft drop offs to your doom. Luckily, we all lived.

I didn't take any scuba diving pictures, but if I had they'd probably look something like this.

Also Sosua was a refuge for Jews during the Holocaust. They had a very cool museum about it that was unfortunately closed when we tried to go to it. But I was happy to know it existed. Here’s it’s website, if you’re curious.


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